Three more Oxford academics selected to be Alan Turing Institute Fellows

March 09, 2024

The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science and AI, whose purpose is to further research in these areas to tackle societal challenges. She has led important contributions to in-network machine learning, offloading machine learning to run within programmable network devices, and applying this to address problems within cyber-security, finance and smart environments. Alongside her work on AI, Professor Zilberman also researches how to improve ICT sustainability, particularly the effect of micro-architectures on large-scale systems' carbon and energy efficiency. Associate Professor Varun Kanade, Department of Computer ScienceVarun Kanade is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, whose research is based in the foundations of machine learning. More information about The Alan Turing Institute can be found on the website.

The source of this news is from University of Oxford