Memo to the NYU Community from Fountain Walker, Vice President for Global Campus Safety

5 hours from now

Throughout the day, members of our community have been expressing anxiety and concerns. Please know that your safety and well-being...

Physicists coax superconductivity and more from quasicrystals

3 hours from now

A moiré system can also be tailored for different behaviors by changing the number of electrons added to the system....

Study advances understanding of visual recognition memory

3 hours from now

Along the way they’ve made key observations that seem outright contradictory, but a new study shows that the mystifying measures...

Solve Challenge Finals 2023: Action in service to the world

3 hours from now

In a celebratory convergence of innovation and global impact, the 2023 Solve Challenge Finals, hosted by MIT Solve, unfolded to...

Twelve with MIT ties elected to the National Academy of Medicine for 2023

3 hours from now

The National Academy of Medicine announced the election of 100 new members to join their esteemed ranks in 2023, among...

The government's Murray-Darling bill is a step forward, but still not enough

3 hours from now

Will it be enough to put the Murray-Darling Basin Plan back on track? The new bill represents a clear step...

How worried should we be about the pneumonia outbreak in China?

3 hours from now

There are a number of pathogens which are reported to be causing the outbreak of respiratory illness in China. So...

No ‘smoking gun’ mental health harm from internet: landmark Oxford survey

3 hours from now

Links between internet adoption and psychological well-being are small at most, despite popular assumptions about the negative psychological effects of...

‘The Things We Do for the Orange Jesus’: CNN Shares Stunning Insider Excerpts from Liz Cheney’s New Book

3 hours from now

Gangel spoke with Jake Tapper and dished on some of Cheney’s insider accounts surrounding former President Donald Trump’s rehabilitation in...

New research identifies genetic links between Schizophrenia and Cardiovascular Disease risk factors

18 hours ago

New research from NORMENT finds that people with schizophrenia have a genetic propensity to smoking and a reduced genetic risk...

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