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As a company, we want to serve as a hub between academia, relevant industries and the online community. Our vision is to connect candidates not just to employers but to satisfy careers in a world of Phd Recruitment Network, PhD Scholarship, PhD Grant, Top University News, while helping to improve the brand in business and the rank of companies in the search engines (SEO).

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Management Team

Dr. Tony Tran

Tony Tran is a co-founder of Brighter Gates AB and former researchers at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Malardalen University, Sweden and École de Technologie Supérieure ÉTS, Montreal, Canada. He is interested in the use of big data and technology to create useful products and services in a variety of business areas.

Senior Manager: Lap Bui Tien

He is a co-founder of Brighter Gates AB. He has worked as a system designer, a project leader, and researcher at many banks.

He's particularly interested in the areas of data management and system designer.

Advisor. Vu Le Tuan

He is an advisor of Brighter Gates AB. He has rich experience in management and operation of tech companies. Also, he has invested and co-founded several tech companies.


Brighter Gates AB

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