‘She’s Gonna Get Smoked!’ HOT MIC Catches Chris Christie Trashing Nikki Haley Live At Town Hall Event

January 11, 2024

Before his town hall event in New Hampshire where he was expected to withdraw from the Republican 2024 primary race, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was caught on a hot mic trashing his opponents, and particularly former ambassador Nikki Haley, who many thought he might endorse at the event. Spent $68 million so far, $59 million by DeSantis. Presumably the remainder of that sentence was going to be that DeSantis was worried Christie would endorse Haley at the Town Hall, during which Christie did eventually withdraw from the race. I agree with Christie that Nikki Haley is “going to get smoked.” — Ron DeSantis (@RonDeSantis) January 10, 2024Listen to the clip above via the Chris Christie campaign on YouTube.