Russia ‘moves military equipment into Europe’s biggest nuke power plant’ amid fears Putin will launch false flag attack

August 25, 2022

RUSSIA is believed to have moved military equipment into Europe's biggest nuclear station sparking fears of a false flag attack, according to Canadian intelligence. It comes after separate video emerged online showing Russian military vehicles, including one marked up with the pro-war "Z" symbol, inside a turbine hall connected to a nuke reactor. The Chernobyl nuclear leak in 1986 was the worst man-made disaster in history, contaminating 150,000 square kilometres of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Fears are growing of a potential "provocation" attack on the Zaporizhzhia plant today after Russia reportedly ordered its staff not to show up for work on Friday. 5 Ukrainian Emergency Ministry rescuers attend the exercise in the city of Zaporizhzhia Credit: AFP5 Ukraine is preparing for the worst as Russia refuses to give up control of Zaporizhzhia Credit: AFP