Rumble In The Fox Den: Sean Hannity’s Newsom Vs. DeSantis Debate Proves A Wasted Opportunity

December 02, 2023

If there were winners out of Fox News’ debate between California’s Gavin Newsom and Florida’s Ron DeSantis tonight, it was Joe Biden, Donald Trump and the Walt Disney Company. Which means in the short term, Newsom had nothing to lose by playing in the Fox den. Quipping “Ron, relax” and labeling DeSantis as “nothing but a bully,” Newsom had the best two lines of night. Trolling each other for months and throwing mud at the other’s state, leadership and Oval Office dreams, Newsom and DeSantis’ long-awaited dogfight was ultimately a wasted opportunity. “By the way, how’s that going for you Ron?” Newsom then mocked DeSantis.