Plans for U.S. strikes on Iranian personnel and facilities in Iraq, Syria approved after Jordan drone attack

March 19, 2024

U.S. plans to launch series of strikes in response to base attack in Jordan, officials sayU.S. officials have confirmed to CBS News that plans have been approved for a series of strikes over a number of days against targets — including Iranian personnel and facilities — inside Iraq and Syria. Speaking at the Pentagon Thursday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters that the U.S. won't tolerate attacks on American troops. This satellite photo from Planet Labs PBC shows the military base known as Tower 22 in northeastern Jordan, on Oct. 12, 2023. There was no indication from U.S. officials that the group's declared suspension was delaying the American military's retaliatory strikes. Later in the morning, U.S. forces also destroyed a Houthi explosive sea drone in the Red Sea, the command said.