Palestinian Islamic Jihad releases video of Amazon worker Alexander Trupanov being held hostage in Gaza

May 29, 2024

A terrorist group in Gaza released a hostage video on Tuesday of an Israeli Amazon employee who was kidnapped during Hamas’s bloody Oct. 7 attacks – and has been held in the war-torn enclave ever since. Troufanov – who is being held by Palestinian Islamic Jihad – added that “in the next few days, you will hear the truth of what happened to me, as well as the other prisoners in Gaza.”PIJ released video of Gaza hostage Alexander Trupanov. Troufanov was one of the roughly 250 people abducted by Hamas terrorists during the group’s murderous attacks., which left nearly 1,200 Israelis dead. Alexander Trupanov is being held in Gaza. After the carnage, Jewish employees at Amazon both in Israel and in its offices worldwide wanted to hang signs on company grounds marking the number of days Troufanov was being held in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.