Netanyahu’s Government Passes Law Weakening Israel’s Judges

September 09, 2023

(Bloomberg) -- Israel’s parliament on Monday approved a law that will curb the oversight powers of the courts, a measure that has divided the nation, prompted mass protests and drawn rare US criticism. But the plan has drawn fierce opposition from a broad swath of Israel’s establishment, from tech entrepreneurs to CEOs and military reservists. “If needed, we will add more time till the end of November.”Opposition leader Yair Lapid said he planned to appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn the law. Yuval Shany, a professor of law at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, said he would be surprised if the court struck down the law, since it is what is known as a basic law, meaning one with quasi-constitutional authority. “The Supreme Court has never struck down a basic law although it says it has the power to do so,” he said.