Jerry Springer’s most viral guests: Adult babies, man married to horse and more

April 28, 2023

I’m winding down,” the “Jerry Springer” host wrote in a March 2022 statement. Man Who Married a HorseThe Jerry Springer ShowIn May 1998, Springer featured a man named Mark Matthews who was married to his horse, Pixel — as well as two other people in relationships with dogs. '”Adult BabiesThe Jerry Springer ShowThat same year, Springer spoke to multiple men who lived their lives as though they were 2-year-olds. Man who slept with girlfriend’s stripper sisterThe Jerry Springer ShowIn a November 2011 episode, a woman confronted her sister, who works as a stripper, for sleeping with her boyfriend. The Kung-Fu HillbillyThe Jerry Springer ShowDanny, the Kung-Fu Hillbilly, appeared on “Jerry Springer” multiple times over the years to show his fighting moves.