Jamboree: Carville's Last Crusade; Netflix Numerology

January 31, 2024

Related:ShareThe Penske Globe FloggersBack a week or two ago, the question lingered: how are the Penske publications going to cover the Globes owned by their company like this is totally normal? All as its reporters predict the outcome, an outcome decided by — you guessed it — their Penske Media colleagues in its Golden Globe members division (reminder, now for profit). (Disclosure: Golden Globes producer Dick Clark Productions is owned by Penske Media Eldridge, a joint venture between Penske Media Corporation and Eldridge that also owns The Hollywood Reporter. • That said, this is a lot of info and it clearly sets Netflix as the industry leader in numbers transparency. Netflix then can lay out this spreadsheet and ask, if you’re so number one, have you got anything that looks remotely like this?