Israeli intelligence finds treasure trove of Hamas battle-plans revealing surprise attack

October 17, 2023

But if this would slow down the attack Israel’s special forces will send in the ground drones to map out the tunnels, find the booby-traps and destroy them before entering. According to intelligence documents seen by the Daily Mirror they were carrying operational plans, encrypted phones, encrypted numbers and even intelligence guides on targets. The Daily Mirror has seen intelligence analysis showing how Israel’s Document Collection and Technological Gathering Division of the Intelligence Directorate is collating evidence taken from Hamas corpses. Image: Anadolu via Getty Images) Anadolu via Getty Images)More than a million people have fled their homes ahead of the Israeli ground invasion aimed at destroying Hamas. Image: AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images)Hezbollah fighters fired anti-tank missiles on Israeli army positions and Israeli troops shelled border areas on the Lebanese side of the border.