Iowa caucus turnout for 2024 and how it compares to previous years

March 03, 2024

After Iowa: Major Garrett breaks down impact of Iowa caucuses on GOP raceExpectations for turnout at the Iowa caucuses had been high heading into the year, following record-shattering attendance in the last competitive GOP contest. But just over 110,000 voters participated in the 2024 caucuses, falling well below the high expectations for turnout in 2024. Still, though the attendance didn't shatter records, the Iowa GOP celebrated the turnout as a demonstration of Iowans' "resilience and determination." How does 2024 Iowa turnout compare to 2020 and 2016 caucuses? And in 2008, the turnout was similar, with 120,000 voters, making the 2024 Iowa caucuses turnout the lowest in more than a decade.