‘I’m Scared As Heck!’ Kamala Harris Tells Joy Behar How She Plans to Run Against ‘The Crazies’

January 18, 2024

“President Obama reportedly has said that he thinks the Biden campaign is too complacent when it comes to Trump,” she started. Michelle Obama says she’s terrified, as we are, about the potential outcome of the election.”“Now, are you scared?” Behar asked. And what are you going to do to stop the crazies?”“I am scared as heck!” Vice President Harris flatly replied to an adoring audience. And this is where this election requires brightly that President Biden and I and and all of us who are part of this administration, we got to earn reelection. Listen, since the in the last two weeks I’ve been to Georgia, I’ve been to Nevada, I’ve been to North Carolina, I’ve been to South Carolina twice.