IDF wipes out Hezbollah commander on embattled Lebanon streets in dramatic footage

February 28, 2024

Salami's role as a brigade commander came to a dramatic end today as his vehicle was targeted while he was driving in the southern Lebanon village of Majadel. The IDF says Salami ran a regional unit in Hezbollah and led attacks against Israeli soldiers and communities in northern Israel. READ MORE: US Airman Aaron Bushnell's last Facebook post before setting himself on fire outside Israeli embassyImage: IDF) IDF)During an airstrike in southern Lebanon on Monday, a top Hezbollah leader was killed, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). On Monday, Hezbollah shot down an Israeli Air Force drone over the Nabatieh area in southern Lebanon using a surface-to-air missile. In nearly five months of daily conflicts between the Lebanese militant group and Israeli forces, around 200 Hezbollah fighters and 35 civilians in Lebanon have lost their lives.