How Donald Trump Still Lives in the 1980s

May 26, 2024

When his criminal trial finishes for the day, Donald J. Trump typically returns to the marble-and-gold triplex atop Trump Tower, the high rise he built in the early 1980s and used to establish a public image as a master builder. Yet despite the claims that the city’s power brokers all sneered at him, Mr. Trump was humored, indulged and even accepted by some of them. Like Mr. Trump, Mr. Cohn was born into outer-borough privilege and then alternately reviled and accepted by powerful people. But at the start of the ’80s, as he was gaining respectability himself, Mr. Trump already seemed ready to put some distance between himself and Mr. Cohn. “Taking it down and then starting all over.”The post How Donald Trump Still Lives in the 1980s appeared first on New York Times.