First UK spine fracture patients identified by NHS-X and Nanox.AI Artificial Intelligence research study

October 23, 2023

The ADOPT study researchers are looking at a novel way to automatically find these spine fractures in people attending hospital for ordinary diagnostic CT scans by utilising Nanox.AI solution. Each year in the UK, more than three million people have CT scans that include the spine. This means that in many hospitals spine fractures aren’t identified or reported, even though more than 1 in 20 CT scans do feature an osteoporotic spine fracture. Nanox.AI HealthVCF Artificial Intelligence programme reviews all local CT scans to find spine fractures and brings them directly to the specialist team's attention. Daniel Chappell, Clinical Projects manager in Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge explained: 'Within the first month of my switching on the Nanox.AI-fracture detection system, several thousand CT scans were processed.

The source of this news is from University of Oxford