Dominion wins access to Newsmax journalists' texts in its defamation case

April 07, 2024

Dominion Voting Systems is entitled to review personal communications and text messages of Newsmax Media journalists in its defamation suit against the conservative media company, a Delaware judge ruled last week. The ruling is a blow to Newsmax, which successfully avoided such a mandate in a similar case and sought to allow its employees to voluntarily offer up any relevant communications. Dominion sued Newsmax for $1.6 billion in 2021, claiming that the conservative news network defamed its company and falsely claimed it rigged the 2020 election. The case is one of more than 10 suits brought by voting machine companies against media companies and individuals who made stolen election claims. Dominion “will be combing the records to try and find what we might call state of mind evidence,” she said.

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