Conservatives revolt against GOP leaders on House floor

June 07, 2023

House conservatives Tuesday blew up an effort by GOP leadership to advance several bills in a dramatic confrontation on the House floor, the result of a revolt against the debt limit deal cut by Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and President Biden just days earlier. The revolt made for a dramatic scene on the House floor, where Scalise huddled with more than a dozen conservatives in the back of the chamber in a tense effort to flip votes and allow the bills to advance to the floor. The normally-routine rule vote — which was scheduled to be only five minutes — went on for more than 50. And, you know, the answer for us is to reassert House conservatives as the appropriate coalition partner for our leadership, instead of them making common cause with Democrats,” he added. Tuesday’s revolt on the House floor, however, raises new questions about whether he can tap that strategy and keep his Speakership.