China’s EV players ramp up competition with Tesla using new tech

January 25, 2024

CNBC | Evelyn ChengBEIJING — Hot competition in China's electric car market is pushing local automakers to sell vehicles with fancy tech that Tesla doesn't yet offer in the country — and sometimes at lower prices. Tesla's cars don't come with those accessories, and Elon Musk's automaker only offers a limited version of its driver-assist tech in China right now. Xpeng 's G9 SUV, widely considered a leader in China for driver-assist tech on city streets, starts at 289,900 yuan. That's because electric car batteries and other parts aren't made in the U.S., which means American companies are already paying a premium for core components of the electric car, Li said. China's driver-assist pushDriver-assist has emerged in the last year as competitive feature for electric cars in China.