Argentina's Javier Milei: from TV pundit to the presidency

January 06, 2024

By Maximilian HeathBUENOS AIRES (Reuters) -When Argentine libertarian Javier Milei announced his entry into politics in 2020 in a bid to "blow up" the system, few predicted that three years later the wild-haired economist and former TV pundit could reach the presidency. Results showed Milei on around 56% of the vote and Massa on 44%. Against that backdrop, Milei and his Liberty Advances coalition have seen a dramatic rise in support, especially among the young. "He is the change that Argentina needs," said 28-year-old Milei voter Ayrton Ortiz at a rally in Buenos Aires ahead of the election. "If Javier combed his hair neatly, if Javier didn't get angry, would people ever have invited him to speak?"