Alec Baldwin Faces Renewed Manslaughter Charge in 'Rust' Case

January 20, 2024

Alec Baldwin is being dragged back into criminal court in the "Rust" case -- and he's facing the same charge as before ... involuntary manslaughter. The actor just got hit with a new grand jury indictment out of Santa Fe -- and it says he's being rung up on one count of involuntary manslaughter involving negligent use of a firearm. However, there's an alternative charge he could face ... involuntary manslaughter without due caution or circumspection. The reason there are 2 charges listed is because the grand jury basically agreed there is enough evidence for him to be prosecuted on either ... but the D.A. Remember, Alec has already been put through the wringer on this front -- he was charged with involuntary manslaughter, but those charges were eventually dropped.