Ph.D. Scholarships In Advanced-Systems Engineering

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June 15, 2023
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18 May 2023

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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano


Faculty of Engineering

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Computer science

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First Stage Researcher (R1)



Application Deadline

15 Jun 2023 - 11:59 (Europe/Rome)

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1 Nov 2023

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Not funded by an EU programme

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Offer Description

This international PhD program trains a new generation of researchers who focus on Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems, Automation and Electronic Systems and Computer Systems to carry out independent research in the areas of Advanced-Systems Engineering and to give them the opportunity to transfer and exchange knowledge with national and international research centers and industries.

The three-year PhD program focuses on the study and development of advanced and intelligent systems through an interdisciplinary approach that responds to recent technological developments (e.g., Cyber-Physical-Systems, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things) by integrating the disciplines of mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, information engineering and computer science. They are supported by specific skills in mathematics and artificial intelligence.

Ph.D. student projects pertain to the following research areas, which are actively pursued by research groups at UniBZ on a long-term basis, and are considered in the Ph.D. on Advanced-Systems Engineering:

Mechanical-and-Manufacturing-Systems Engineering - Mechanical and Mechatronic Systems - Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Mechanical Engineering Design and Optimization - Production Systems and Management, - Smart Factory

Automation and-Electronic-Systems Engineering - Autonomous systems - Human-in-the-loop systems - Thin-film devices and sensors - Flexible and wearable electronics, smart textiles - Micro and nano technology - Soft biocompatible sensor systems - Robotic Systems - Automatic Control - Intelligent Sensor/Actor Networks

Computer Systems Engineering - Systems of Systems - Complex Networks - Distributed Systems and Security - Self-Adaptive Software Systems - Development and Operation of IoT Systems - Operations Research

A total of 8 positions are currently available (several more will be available in the coming weeks). 6 of the positions are fully-funded, 2 of the positions are unfunded, but may be funded if funds become available later.

We are looking for highly talented, motivated and skilled candidates to work on the following research projects:

1 scholarship bound to a specific research topic with a minimum 6-month study period abroad requirement pursuant to DM 118/2023 funded by the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR):

  • Biodegradable, near-infrared (NIR), or tattooable organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) (supervisor Prof. Franco Ciacalli)
  • 2 (50% grant supported/50% UniBZ supported) scholarships bound to specific research topics with a minimum 3-month/maximum 12-month study period abroad requirement:

  • Active Thin-Film Electronics for Circular Electronics (supervisor Prof. Giuseppe Cantarella/co-supervisor Prof. Niko Münzenrieder)
  • Transient electronic devices based on inorganic materials (supervisor Prof. Niko Münzenrieder/co-supervisor Prof. Giuseppe Cantarella)
  • The remaining 3 scholarships or unfunded positions pertain to projects involving the following (or closely related) research topics (potential thesis supervisor in parenthesis):

  • Analytical and numerical treatment of differential equations modelling complex systems (Bertotti)
  • Deterministic and stochastic dynamics on complex networks (Bertotti)
  • Development of a system for design ideation providing sources of inspiration based on real-time biofeedback (Borgianni)
  • Study of the impact of different interactive representation media on user-product interaction (Borgianni)
  • Organic electronics devices (light emitting and photovoltaic diodes) on soft hydrogels for biomedical applications (Cacialli)
  • Biocompatible, biodegradable and bioresorbable light emitting and photovoltaic diodes for in-vivo theragnostic (Cacialli)
  • Graph methods for joint optimal control/estimation on dynamic robots (Camurri)
  • Deep learning methods for accurate surface reconstruction with noisy data and deformable surfaces (Camurri)
  • Wearable sensors for sport and e-health applications (Costa Angeli)
  • Processing, fusion, and analysis of printed sensor data (Costa Angeli)
  • Human-Factors and Ergonomics in Advanced Industrial Human-Machine Interaction (Dallasega)
  • Extended Reality to support operator training in industry (Dallasega)
  • Path and motion planning for intelligent vehicles and robots (Frego)
  • Control and optimization in presence of uncertainties in gamification and game theory (Frego)
  • Next-Generation Interfaces for the automotive industry (Haller)
  • Smart Textile Interfaces for wearables (Haller)
  • Real-Time Optimization of Quality-Based Wood Cutting for Improved Yield Recovery in Wood Manufacturing (Hosseini)
  • Machine learning for Three-dimensional Wood Cutting Pattern Generation in Sawmills (Hosseini)
  • Analytical and numerical treatment of differential equations modelling complex systems (Modanese)
  • Deterministic and stochastic dynamics on complex networks (Modanese)
  • Integrated circuits on flexible substrates (Münzenrieder)
  • Thin-film electronics on 3D substrates (Münzenrieder)
  • AI engineering for distributed systems (Pahl)
  • Intelligent resource management for IoT and edge computing (Pahl)
  • Context-aware intention recognition, shared control and decision making in human-robot collaboration (Peer)
  • Brain and body computer interface-controlled systems and robots (Peer)
  • Bioelectronics and bioprinting for engineered hybrid living systems (Petti)
  • Synaptic soft devices for neuromorphic computing (Petti)
  • Auditory displays and multimodal interaction in the automotive field (Pretto)
  • New interfaces for the Internet of Sound (Pretto)
  • Security in software systems: Detecting and predicting security breaches and automatically recommended fixes (Russo)
  • Security in cyber-physical systems: intelligent systems for tracing attacks and implementing defense (Russo)
  • Dynamic simulation and design optimization of flexible multibody systems (Vidoni)
  • Optimal motion planning for redundant industrial collaborative robots (Vidoni)
  • Use of control barrier functions for safety critical control of uncrewed ground vehicles (von Ellenrieder)
  • Nonlinear control of low power robotic systems with time delay (von Ellenrieder)
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    Master Degree or equivalent




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    Piazza Università 5


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    +39 0471 011300


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