Implants Surface Functionalization With Extracellular Vesicles On Femtosecond Laser-Generated Nanostructures

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October 14, 2023
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15 Sep 2023

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Laboratoire SAINBIOSE SAnté INgéniérie BIOlogie St-Etienne

Research Field

Biological sciences » Biology

Technology » Materials technology


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Recognised Researcher (R2)

Leading Researcher (R4)

First Stage Researcher (R1)

Established Researcher (R3)



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14 Oct 2023 - 22:00 (UTC)

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3 Jan 2024

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Not funded by an EU programme

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Metallic material functionalization with Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) is a desirable therapeutic approach to improve regenerative procedures. Due to their ability to transport/deliver bioactive molecules, scientific interest in the study of EVs has increased in tissue engineering and implantology. Evs functionalization of implants is depending on the ability of the surface to trap, preserve and released intact Evs. Our labs hypothesize that fabrication of nanostructures (bumps, peaks, cavities) at the scale of Evs (30 to 300nm) offers great opportunities for Evs functionalization. Engineering of various nanostructures on titanium-based implants made with ultrafast laser processes will be tested for their ability to trap, preserve, select Evs.

We have selected mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and platelet derived EVs for titanium surface coating due to their demonstrated regenerative and immunomodulatory properties. The PhD project will consist in (i) assisting nanotextures fabrication, (ii) EVs production and characterization, (iii) evaluate Evs trapping/release efficacy and (iv) explore bio-functional effects (mainly in vitro and potentially in vivo).

The PhD student will work in a multidisciplinary environment, interacting with the Hubert Curien laboratory / Manutech USD platform (engineering of nanotextures) the Laboratory of Tribology and System Dynamics (LTDS) (surfaces metrics) and SAINBIOSE (bone and vascular teams) (EVs biology and in-vitro tests).

Funding category: Autre financement public EUR MANUTECH-SLEIGHT PHD Country: France


Specific Requirements

- Master Degree (or equivalent) in biology, biomedical engineering or materials science

- The candidate must have a background ideally in MSC and platelets biology and in exosome field. Experience in in vivo studies is welcomed.

- Be someone able to and enjoy to solve problems and pushing research to achieve results

- High degree of responsibility and independence, while collaborating with your team and lab mates, and other laboratory staff.

- Good management skills, good presentation skills, good written and oral English level.

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Laboratoire SAINBIOSE SAnté INgéniérie BIOlogie St-Etienne




Saint Etienne
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