Ct-Prr-13-2023-Demi-Pba -Tender Procedure For International Selection For Hiring Of Júnior Researcher (Recovery And Resilience Plan-Prr)

Universities and Institutes of Portugal
September 27, 2023
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17 Aug 2023

Job Information


Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia


Divisão de Recursos Humanos

Research Field

Information science » Other

Researcher Profile

First Stage Researcher (R1)



Application Deadline

27 Sep 2023 - 23:59 (Europe/Lisbon)

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Offer Starting Date

17 Aug 2023

Is the job funded through the EU Research Framework Programme?

Not funded by an EU programme

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Offer Description

Under the terms of Dispatch No. 181/2023, of January 4, by delegation of powers, the Dean of the NOVA School of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Prof. Doctor José Júlio Alves Alferes, makes it known that it is open, for a period of 30 working days from the day immediately following the publication of this Notice in the Diário da República, international documentary competition, with internal the reference CT-PRR-13-2023-DEMI-PBA , for the recruitment of 1 Junior Researcher, under an uncertain term employment contract, for the maximum period of execution of the "Pacto da Bioeconomia Azul (PBA) Vertical Bivalves” (Project No. C644915664-00000026), under the Contract -Funding Program of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), pursuant to no. 1 of Dispatch no. 11888-B/2021, of 30 November, signed between Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and the General Directorate of Higher Education, under the terms of Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of August 29, amended by Law no. 57/2017, of July 19, in the scientific area of Information Sciences, subarea of Machine Learning, with emphasis on Time Series Analysis.

In compliance with paragraph h) of article 9 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, as an employer, actively promotes a policy of equal opportunities between men and women in access to employment and professional progression, scrupulously providing in order to avoid any and all forms of discrimination.

I - Workplace:

Facilities of the NOVA School of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, located on the Caparica Campus

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, UNIDEMI research centre.

II - Activities and Functions:

The shellfish production sector is affected by the contamination of marine resources by marine biotoxins produced by toxic algae, with consequent severe economic losses due to closures to shellfish production and harvesting. The activities to be developed are part of Vertical Bivalves WP2, aiming at developing new tools for predicting bivalves' contamination by harmful algal blooms. Within the scope of this project, the researcher's work plan includes the following functions:

a) Development of a contamination forecasting model based on machine learning that extracts and analyses time-series data from different available sources (e.g., in-situ biological and chemical data, satellite imaging, on-site cameras);

b) Development of software for biotoxin contamination forecasting;

c) Assistance in the execution of the activities involved in the scope of the project, such as the elaboration of reports and periodical technical- scientific presentations;

d) Dissemination of the work elaborated in articles and technical-scientific conferences, as well as periodic organization of communication actions to promote the results obtained and guide students.

III - Remuneration level:

According to article 15, no. 1 paragraph a) of Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of August 29, amended by Law no. 57/2017, of July 19, and considering that the definition of the remuneration position has as reference the remuneration levels of the categories listed in Annex I of the Statute of the Career of Scientific Research, approved by Decree-Law no. 124/99, of April 20, as amended, and Regulatory Decree no. 11-A/2017, of December 29. No. 124/99, of April 20, in its current version, and of the regulatory decree No. 11-A/2017, of December 29, the 33rd salary position will apply to the contract, which corresponds to the value of 2,228.11€.

IV - Modality and duration:

1 - The opening of this tender procedure is aimed at selecting a doctoral position to carry out scientific research activities under an employment contract for an uncertain resolutive term, being the basis for contracting the execution of a specific service, precisely defined and not lasting, the hiring being mandatorily financed regardless of its origin.

2 - The uncertain term contract is for the duration of the project task (12 months), or for the duration of the funding, but may not exceed the maximum limit of 72 months).

V - Requirements for admission of candidates

1 - Pursuant to article 12.º Decree-Law no. 57/2016, of 29 August, the candidate must:

  • Hold a Doctor's degree in the scientific area of the contest or in related areas.
  • Possess relevant scientific curriculum in the area of the contest.
  • VI - Application procedure

    1 - The application must be instructed by filling in the respective application form, which is available at https: // www. fct.unl.pt/faculdade/concursos/investigadores.

    2 - The application process must be accompanied by documentation in Portuguese or English.

    3 - The application must be submitted by email, containing the following documents:

    a) Curriculum vitae of the candidate, which must include:

    i) The identifications “Researcher ID”, “Scopus Author ID” and “Google Scholar ID”.

    ii) Research and development activities and all other activities considered relevant to this tender procedure, in accordance with the terms of this notice;

    b) Certificate proving the degree of Doctor in Information Sciences, or similar to which the competition relates;

    c) Published works, mentioned in the curriculum vitae, namely the most representative ones, with regard to their contribution to the development and evolution of Information Sciences in which the tender is opened;

    d) Declaration, under oath, that if the jury chooses to request the documentation indicated in the previous paragraphs or any other scientific documentation mentioned in the candidate's curriculum vitae, it will be delivered within 10 working days;

    e) Other documents that candidates deem relevant for the analysis of their application

    4 - If a member of the jury is a non-Portuguese-speaking member, the documents for the candidates' prior hearing and complaints to be considered by the jury must be submitted in English.

    VII - Submission of applications

    1 - The documents supporting the application must be submitted by the 30th working day, counted from the day following the publication of this Notice in the Official Gazette.

    2 - Candidates will submit their application documents, in PDF format, by email to the following address: [email protected]

    VIII - Interview

    1 - The Jury will deliberate at the first meeting on the need to carry out a interview all or part of the candidates.

    2 - The interview has a maximum weight of 10% of the total evaluation.

    3 - The interview shall aim at clarifying or explaining the elements contained in the candidates' Curriculum Vitae.

    IX - Evaluation parameters

    1 - This competition is intended to assess the capacity and performance of candidates in the different parameters pursuant to no. 1 of article 5 of DL no. 57/2016.

    2 - Curriculum assessment of the various candidates in each of the aspects described below must take into account the scientific area in which the tender is open.

    3 - The parameters to be taken into account in the curriculum assessment of candidates, in each one of the aspects, are the ones listed below referring to the last 5 years:

    a) Quality of scientific work (QSW);

    b) Scientific and technological production (STP);

    c) Applied or practice-based research activities (ABRA);

    d) Extension and dissemination of knowledge activities (EDKA);

    e) Science, technology and innovation program management activities (STIPMA);

    X - Reasons for exclusion

    The following are reasons for exclusion from admission to the competition:

    a) Incorrectly formalising the application;

    b) Failure to submit the documents required in subparagraphs a) to d) of paragraph 3 of point V, or their submission in an illegible or invalid form.

    XI - Classification of candidates

    1 - The jury will deliberate on the admissibility of the candidates, by justified nominal vote, expressed by the Rejected or Approved formulas.

    2 - Each member of the jury presents a justified proposal of rejection or approval for each of the candidates.

    3 - The candidate who manages to obtain a favorable vote of more than half of the candidate is considered approved of the members of the jury.

    XII - Ordering and voting methodology

    1 - Once the candidates who have been approved on absolute merit are definitively identified, the jury ranks them on relative merit.

    2 - Each member of the jury will carry out his/her curriculum evaluation exercise of the candidates by presenting a written opinion, which must subsequently be included in the minutes, in which he proposes the ranking of candidates duly substantiated in the evaluation criteria indicated in this notice, scoring each candidate against each criterion on a numeric scale from 0 to 100 points.

    3 - The evaluation criteria indicated must be weighted as follows:

    Quality of scientific and technical work (QSTW): 30%

    Scientific and technological production (STP): 30%

    Applied or practice-based research activities (ABRA): 20 %

    Extension and knowledge dissemination activities (EKDA): 15%

    Science, technology and innovation program management activities (STIPMA): 5 %

    4 - Approved candidates shall be ordered by vote of the jury members, respecting the order presented in the opinion referred to in the previous number, under the following terms:

    a) The first vote is intended to determine the candidate to be placed in first place;

    b) In the voting referred to in the previous paragraph, if a candidate obtains more than half of the votes to be placed first, he is ordained in this position;

    c) Should the situation referred to in the previous sub-paragraph not occur, a new vote shall be held, only among the candidates who obtained votes for first place, after withdrawing the candidate who received the least votes for that position in the previous vote;

    d) If there is more than one candidate to be withdrawn, due to an equal number of votes, with a minimum of one vote each, a vote shall be held only on those candidates in order to determine the candidate to be withdrawn from the following vote; in that vote, each member shall vote, from among the candidates with equal votes, for the candidate occupying the lowest position in the ranking on his or her report;

    e) In case of a tie, the tie shall be broken by the tie-breaker vote or casting vote of the President of the Jury.

    f) Voting shall be repeated until it is determined, by the process previously described, which candidate shall be ranked first. If only two candidates remain and each one obtains half of the votes, the tie-breaker is made through the quality vote of the President of the Jury;

    g) Once the candidate for the first place is chosen, he/she is removed from the voting and the entire process is repeated for the second place and so on until the ordered list of all the candidates is obtained.

    XIII - Notifications and Hearing of Interested Parties

    1 - A prior hearing shall be held, under the terms of the Administrative Procedure Code, for candidates who have been rejected, and for candidates who have been placed on the ranking list of candidates who cannot be filled for the position open for competition. All the candidates shall be notified of the homologation of the jury's final deliberation.

    2 - Notifications shall be made by email.

    3 - The tender dossier may be consulted by the candidates, in the Human Resources Division of FCT NOVA, under the terms indicated in the above mentioned notification.

    XIV - Composition of the Jury:


    Doctor Marta Isabel Belchior Lopes, Auxiliary Researcher at NOVA School of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa;

    Effective Vowels:

    Doctor Ludwig Krippahl, Researcher at NOVA Laboratory for Computer Sciences and Informatics (NOVA LINCS);

    Doctor Jorge Carlos Ferreira Rodrigues da Cruz, Assistant Professor at NOVA School of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa;

    Alternate Members:

    Doctor Susana Maria dos Santos Nascimento Martins de Almeida, Assistant Professor at NOVA School of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa;

    Doctor Miguel dos Santos Fonseca, Assistant Professor at NOVA School of Sciences and Technology of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

    XV - Data Protection

    In accordance with the RGPD - General Data Protection Regulation, the data collected will be processed exclusively for the processing of the application.


    Research Field

    Information science » Other

    Education Level

    PhD or equivalent

    Internal Application form(s) needed



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    Number of offers available



    Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa




    Where to apply


    [email protected]





    https: // www. fct.unl.pt/


    Campus de Caparica

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