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January 02, 2023
Offerd Salary:Negotiation
Working address:N/A
Contract Type:Other
Working Time:Full time
Working type:N/A
Ref info:N/A
  • Organisation/Company: University of Aveiro
  • Research Field: Medical sciences
  • Researcher Profile: Established Researcher (R3)
  • Application Deadline: 02/01/2023 23:00 - Europe/London
  • Location: Portugal › Aveiro
  • Type Of Contract: To be defined
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours Per Week: 35
  • Public notice Ref.ª CDL-CTTRI-247-SGRH/2022 — Doctor Paulo Jorge dos Santos Gonçalves Ferreira, Full Professor and Rector of the University of Aveiro, hereby announces that, for a period of thirty (30) business days from the business day immediately after that in which the notice corresponding to this notice is published in Diário da República, an international public notice is opened for recruitment in the form of a Uncertain Term Work Contract, under the Portuguese Labour Code, a position for an Doctorate equivalent to Auxiliary Researcher for the exercise of activities of scientific research in the scientific area of Health Sciences.

    https: // www.


    The monthly payment corresponds to 3230,21€.

    Eligibility criteria

    5 — Evaluation and selection:

    5.1 — The selection methods are curricular evaluation and an interview.

    5.2 — The evaluation of the scientific and curricular course focuses on the relevance, quality, and timeliness:

    a) Of scientific, technological, cultural or artistic production in the last five years, deemed most relevant by the candidate;

    b) Of applied research activities, or based on practical work, developed in the last five years, deemed most impactful by the candidate;

    c) Of knowledge extension and dissemination activities developed in the last five years, namely under the scope of the promotion of culture and scientific practices, deemed most relevant by the candidate;

    d) Of the activities of management of science, technology and innovation programmes, or the experience in observing and monitoring the scientific and technological, or higher education system, in Portugal or abroad.

    5.3 — The five-year period mentioned above can be extended by the panel, if requested by the candidate, whenever the suspension of scientific activities is reasoned by socially protected grounds like parental leave, long-term serious illness, and other legal situations of unavailability to work.

    Selection process

    6 — Curricular Evaluation. This component of the evaluation is expressed on a numerical scale from 0 to 20 considering the following criteria:

    6.1 — Curricular evaluation criteria are:

    6.1.1 - Criteria for the evaluation of the Scientific Performance of the last five years considered more relevant by the candidate (14 points);

    - Scientific Production. Quality and quantity of scientific production in the area that the Competition is open (books, book chapters, articles in scientific journals, papers presented in conferences) expressed by the number and type of publications, and the recognition given by the scientific community (the quality of the location where it has been published and the references made by other authors);

    - Coordination and participation in scientific projects. The quality and quantity of scientific projects in which the applicant has led, or in which has participated within the subject area of the Competition, whether financed through public funds of national or international agencies or by enterprises. The assessment of the quality must take into account the funding obtained, the degree of difficulty of the funding competition, the expert assessment of the projects and the resulting prototypes, particularly if they led to the development of products or services.

    - Intervention in scientific community and constitution of scientific communities. Assessing the capacity to intervene in scientific community, particularly by organizing events, being (co-)editor of magazines, participation in the assessment of projects and articles, being invited to give speeches, as well as being recognized through awards or other distinctions and respective impact. It will also evaluate the orientation of students in doctoral and post-doctoral work.

    6.1.2 - Criteria for evaluating extension and knowledge dissemination activities developed over the past five years, in particular in the context of promoting culture and scientific practices, considered to be of greatest impact by the candidate (4 points);

    Patents, registration and ownership of rights, elaboration of technical regulation and legislation. Patent authorship and co-authorship, records of ownership of intellectual property rights regarding software, mathematical methods, and rules of mental activity. Participation in standardization committees and in the drafting of legislative projects and technical regulation. The evaluation of this criterion should also take into account the resulting economic valuation of patents and intellectual property rights.

    Additional comments

    Participation in consulting activities, tests and measurements involving the private and/or the public sector. Participation as a former in vocational training courses or technological expertise directed at companies or the public sector. The evaluation of this criterion should also take into account the economic valorization of research results achieved, measured by the contracts of technology transfer and development that have resulted and contribution to the creation of spin-off companies.

    Participation in initiatives to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge under the auspices of the scientific community (for example organization of congresses and conferences) and to various audiences. Publications to disseminate science and technology. Presentation of lectures and seminars for the general public.

    6.1.3 - Criteria for the evaluation of the activities of program management for science, technology and innovation, or experience in observing and monitoring the scientific and technological system or in higher education, in Portugal or abroad (2 points);

    The candidate's participation in activities of scientific, technological and management innovation, or on the observation and monitoring of science and technology or system of higher education, in Portugal or abroad.

    6.2 — The score obtained in the curricular evaluation method is expressed in numeric scale of 0 to 20, considering the valuation up to two decimal places.

    6.3 — The jury deliberates by vote justified according to the criteria of evaluation; no abstentions are allowed.

    6.4 — The classification of each candidate is obtained by averaging the scores of each of the elements of the jury.

    6.5 — Once the Curricular Assessment is completed, the candidates who obtain an average score equal to or higher than 15 are approved for the next evaluation method as indicated in point 5.1.

    6.6 — Candidates who obtained a rating of less than 15 points are excluded from the public notice.

    7 —Interview:

    This session, which can be applied to all or part of the candidates, is intended solely for clarification of aspects related to the results of the investigation.

    7.1 — The interview will have a duration of 30 minutes.

    7.2 —Interview evaluation is expressed on a numerical scale of 0 to 20, taking into account the candidate's scientific knowledge and ability to communicate, as well as the answers to the questions put by the jury and their development perspectives in the unit for which they are applying.

    7.3 — The jury deliberates by roll call voting, not permitting abstentions.

    7.4 — The classification of each candidate is also obtained by the average of the scores of the members of the jury.

    Offer Requirements
  • Medical sciences: PhD or equivalent


    1 — Admission requirements:

    Any national, foreign, and stateless candidate(s) who hold a doctorate degree in Gerontology and Geriatrics or in Clinical and Health Services and a scientific and professional curriculum whose profile is suited for the activity to be performed, can submit their applications.

    Candidate(s) of the contest holding qualifications obtained abroad must prove the recognition, equivalence, or registration of the doctor degree, in accordance with the applicable legislation. This formality must be fulfilled up to the date of signing of the contract.

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: University of Aveiro
  • Department: Department of Education and Psychology
  • Organisation Type: Higher Education Institute
  • Website: https: // www. concursos-e-ofertas
  • E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Country: Portugal
  • City: Aveiro
  • Postal Code: 3810-193
  • Street: Campus Universitário de Santiago
  • Phone: 351 234 370200
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