“Analysis And Interpretation Of Multi-Band Observations Of Agn And Their Host Galaxies”

Universities and Institutes of Italy
January 09, 2023
Offerd Salary:€ 70,00
Working address:N/A
Contract Type:fixed-term contract
Working Time:Part time
Working type:N/A
Ref info:N/A
  • Organisation/Company: INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste
  • Research Field: Astronomy
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1)
  • Application Deadline: 09/01/2023 12:00 - Europe/Brussels
  • Location: Italy › Trieste
  • Offer Starting Date: 01/03/2023
  • A call is open for a selection procedure on the basis of candidates' qualifications, integrated by an possible interview, for the assignment of one “Post Doc Research Fellowship” of the duration of two years, with a possible extension, for the needs of the “HSC-HYPERION Science Collaboration” project, entitled: “Analysis and interpretation of multi-band observations of AGN and their host galaxies”.

    This selection by qualifications and oral examination is aimed at recruiting one qualified researcher in the field of AGN properties and their host galaxies at high and low redshift through spectroscopic observations in the optical and/or NIR band, and interferometric observations in the radio domain. Research activities will be carried out at Castello Basevi headquarters of INAF-OATs.

    The following activities will be carried out during the fellowship:

    • Analysis and interpretation of interferometric and/or single dish radio telescopes data of AGNs and their host galaxies, both local and/or high redshift;

    • Analysis and interpretation of IFS data in the optical and NIR band of local and/or high redshift QSOs;

    • Contribution to the development of new observational programmes of interest within the field of research of this call.

    The fellowship is aimed at this specific research project, and was not announced with the aim of recruitment programming either of the Institute or of the project itself, but of offering the opportunity to carry out research activities in the framework of the project to candidates who deem it useful to their professional growth.

    We specify that the aim of this selection procedure is to:

  • offer the opportunity of professional development to young candidates holding research master degrees, to research fellows and to fixed-term contract staff who wish to engage in the national and international research environment, with a view to turnover and mobility, which means recruitment of specific professional skills within fixed-term projects and/or activities;
  • to appoint in this way positions which are external to recruitment programming of permanent staff positions and therefore do not represent any binding prerequisite for access to permanent staff positions of the Institute.
  • Further questions on the scientific project can be addressed to dr. Chiara Feruglio (e-mail: chiara.feruglioat inaf.it).


    The grant is worth 28,320.00 (twenty-eight-thousand-three-hundred-twenty/00) Euros gross per year. This amount is net of burdens to be charged to INAF- Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste and will be paid in deferred monthly instalments.

    The cost deriving from this grant for a total of € 70,00.00 will be charged on the funds assigned in the 2022 Budget on the Objective Function “Toward an holistic view of the Titans: multi-band observations of z>6 QSOs powered by greedy supermassive black-holes (ref. L. Zappacosta)” to chapter "Research grants".

    It is arranged that the Budget Office will proceed with the budget transfer within the related Objective Function which may be deemed necessary for proceeding with the commitment of expenditure as recalled in the premises of this Directorial Provision and to reset, with a change in commitment, the sums that are still available at the end of the contract or at the end of the relevant financial year.

    Applicable fiscal rules are the provisions of art. n. 4 of Italian law n. 476/1984 and subsequent modifications and integrations. Applicable social security rules are art. n. 2, paragraph 26 and following paragraphs of the Italian law n. 335/1995 and subsequent modifications and integrations. Applicable rules for obligatory maternity leave are provided in the Decree of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security dated 12 July 2007, published in the “Gazzetta Ufficiale” n. 247 dated 23 October 2007. Applicable rules for sick leave are provided by art. n. 1, paragraph n. 788 of Italian law n. 296 dated 27 December 2006 and subsequent modifications. During the period of obligatory maternity leave the allowance paid by INPS (Italian national institute for social security) according to art. n. 5 of the above Decree dated 12 July 2007 is supplemented by INAF up to the total amount of the grant. The period of obligatory maternity leave will not contribute to the duration of the grant foreseen by the contract.

    As for third party liability, the grand holder will be covered by insurance policy drawn up by INAF. This insurance policy will not cover the civil liability of the grant holder towards INAF.

    The grant holder must draw up at his/her expenses an insurance policy against accidents at work.

    Eligibility criteria

    Full professors, associate professors and “ricercatori” in Italian universities and employees of Italian research public institutions are all excluded from the competition.

    The fellowship cannot be held at the same time with attendance at academic courses as those that formally give access to a PhD, as well as with attendance at PhD courses with fellowship. For employees of the Italian Public Administration (Italian State) compulsory unpaid leave of absence is foreseen.

    The grant cannot be held contemporarily with other fellowships of whatever kind, except those awarded with the aim of integrating the training or research activity of the fellowship holder through a period spent abroad.

    Aggregation of income from working activities, also part-time, carried out continuously is not accepted. Instead, limited self-employed occasional work is compatible with the fellowship, only if this is not prejudicial to the research activity carried out for INAF. This must be authorized in advance by the Director of INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste.

    Retired persons are not eligible for Research fellowship.

    Also excluded from participation are any applicants who carried out Research fellowships under article 22 of Italian Law 240/2010 for a total period exceeding six years, as amended by Law 11/2015, including extensions, but excluding the periods in which the grant was held in coincidence with doctoral studies up to the maximum legal time limit of the course, and excluding periods of maternity leave or sick leave, in accordance with current legislation. When formally accepting the fellowship, the successful candidate will issue a declaration of absence of inadmissible cumulating of grants/fellowships.

    Selection process

    The selection of candidates will be performed by a Selection Committee appointed by the Director of INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste.

    The Selection Committee is composed of three members from both Italian and foreign research staff, including also University staff, with expertise in the research field of the position offered in this announcement, and will include the principal investigator of the project. According to the law in force, the composition of the Selection Committee should comply, when possible, with gender balance. The president of the Selection Committee is nominated in the appointment decree and is chosen between the Committee members. In the decree the Selection Committee Secretary is also appointed.

    The selection is based on qualifications integrated by a possible interview. To be admitted to the interview, candidates must exhibit their identity documents.

    The Selection Committee can establish a short list of the eligible applicants to be interviewed, on the basis of qualifications and documented experience in scientific or technological activities on the specific subject of the research fellowship. All the stages of the selection procedure (e.g. meetings of the Selection Committee, interviews and so on) can be performed also using electronic devices for the communications or in videoconference mode.

    Applicants selected for the interview will be informed with 15 days' notice by e-mail with acknowledgement of receipt, containing the individual score for qualifications.

    The total ranking score is 100 points, of which 60 points is the maximum score for qualifications and 40 points is the maximum score for the interview.

    The ranking scores of qualifications are calculated as follows:

  • curriculum vitae et studiorum (maximum points 35/60), with particular consideration of competencies acquired within the subject of this call;
  • technical-scientific publications relevant to the specific or related research area of this call (maximum points 15/60)
  • total experience acquired in research, assessed by a higher score to applicants who have less years of experience since the completion of their PhD, up to a maximum of 5/60 points (one point less for each year since the PhD completion);
  • other assessable qualifications (awards, fellowships, reference letters, more educational qualifications than the required ones, and so on, maximum points 5/60)
  • In case of equal scores, the PhD title will be considered as preferred qualification.

    Additional comments

    The minimum score for the successful completion of the qualification selection and consequent admission to any interview is 42/60.

    The interview will be on the following subjects, all relevant to the required qualifications:

    • evolution of AGN and their host galaxies, and/or properties of gas and dust in AGN host galaxies at low and/or high redshift;

    • technical knowledge of radio interferometry and analysis of data from radio telescopes, and/or technical knowledge of analysis of spectroscopic and IFS data in the optical and/or NIR bands;

    • knowledge of CASA and/or GILDAS software, use of ALMA and/or ESO archives.

    Candidates are deemed to have passed the interview if they obtain a mark of at least 28/40.

    At the end of the selection procedure the Selection Committee will draw up the ranked list.

    The approval decree of the selection procedure and the ranked list will be published on the following website: www. oats.inaf.it

    Offer Requirements
  • ENGLISH: Excellent


    Participation to the selection is reserved to Italian and foreign citizens holding the following minimum requirements:

  • Master degree issued according to the previous Italian University regulations or Degree (2^ level) either in Physics, Astronomy or Astrophysics, obtained before the Reform introduced by Italian Ministerial Decree (DM) n. 509/09 (Diploma di Laurea), namely the classes of specialist higher education (Lauree Specialistiche), namely the classes of Lauree Magistrali which have been considered equivalent to the above mentioned Diploma di Laurea as per DM of 9 July 2009, or any equivalent qualification obtained abroad;
  • PhD degree or equivalent degree either in Physics, Astronomy or Astrophysics, also if awarded abroad, or at least 3 years of documented experience performed at Companies, Universities or qualified Institutions, organizations or Research Centres, both public or private, both in Italy and abroad in the topics pertinent to the scientific and technological area and the research sector relevant to this call.
  • For the purposes of admission to this selection procedure only, the equivalence of qualifications obtained abroad will be ascertained by the “Selection Board” further mentioned in Article 8, on the basis of the documentation produced by the applicant in question compliant to Article 3 of this “Call”. Should such applicant be successful, the Administration, upon accepting the assessment of the “Selection Board” will send the assessment report, together with the required documentation mentioned in Article 3, paragraph 2, letter a) or b) of the Decree of the President of the Republic n. 189 of 30 July 2009 and with the application itself, to the Italian Ministry of University and Research in order to obtain their formal advice as foreseen by Article 4, paragraph 2 of the Decree.

  • Excellent knowledge of the English language, both spoken and written is required.
  • Specific Requirements

    The following preferential qualifications will be considered:

    a) Experience with the analysis of radio interferometric data;

    b) Knowledge of specific software used for the dynamical analysis of gas and stars in galaxies and QSOs;

    c) Knowledge of specific software for IFS (Integral Field Spectroscopy).

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste
  • Organisation Type: Public Research Institution
  • Website: https:// www. oats.inaf.it/
  • E-Mail: mirella.giacchetti@inaf.it
  • Country: Italy
  • City: Trieste
  • Postal Code: 34143
  • Street: Via Tiepolo 11
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