Nov 13 2022

What is Phd? Why study Phd? Should I study Phd?

John Thombson

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This is a training and research program. PhD students in addition to learning research skills, they must carry out their own research to contribute to the development of humanity. In which, the research stage is considered key, and can last from 3-7 years depending on the industry, depending on the university, depending on the capacity, etc. PhD is really not an easy path, rightly said. It turned out to be quite arduous and lengthy.



Let's try to write down a small part of the reasons:

a) All my friends go abroad for graduate studies.

b) Being respected by society, ominous.

c) To learn advanced knowledge.

d) Not very clear. If you've been good at studying since you were a child, keep studying.

e) Probably the only way to improve family and personal life.

f) To open my eyes to new horizons.

g) To work as a university professor in the future.

h) To do scientific research.

i) To change the worldview.


z) All of the above reasons.

And z commas) What do you do if you don't do PhD?


For most graduate students and graduate-students-to-be, the answer is a sizable subset of the few dozen possible answers anyone can think of.

Let's try to analyze some of the most important options.

Do PhD to expand knowledge. This is a very important and personal goal. Mark Twain once said: "Don't let school get in the way of your education". School is not the only route to the Rome of knowledge. However, in the backward situation of a third world country, going abroad for further study is a reasonable path.




The main question one should ask is whether to study only the M.S., or to study the PhD Just in terms of knowledge, two years of M.S. is enough for a smart student to then self-study. Doing a PhD is mostly self-study.

Do PhD to have a better life, more respected by society; because all my friends study PhD; have a very cool PhD; If you have studied well since childhood, keep studying; et cetera.

A true PhD. will tell you that reasons of this kind are all huge mistakes! I have absolutely no intention of "preaching" about anyone's personal choice. Nor am I saying that the "degree-seeking" or "glorious" motives are wrong. It is an individual choice. The point I want to make is that motives of this kind will not help students complete their PhD. Comparing yourself with friends and others will create unbearable mental pressure while studying. Love "familiar" too. "Study well", in our sense, is to compete with high scores and "ruminate" what is taught, so studying well may not have much to do with creativity - the survival ability of PhD.

The key to success for PhD students must be “passion.” Passion for learning and creativity in a certain discipline Except for truly outstanding people, most of us will not be able to succeed. PhD in a certain field just because "society needs it", or "it makes money".

If you're just passionate about learning, it's not worth spending that much time doing a PhD. We can absolutely do M.S and then read and learn more by ourselves.

All achievements such as position, fame, majesty, and so on must, and should, be a by-product of this pursuit of this passion for creating and expanding knowledge.


It is about the "motivation" to study PhD. What about "possibility"? The process of learning PhD goes up and down like a sinusoid. There will be many economic and mental obstacles to overcome. One of the biggest hurdles is this: after a few failures in research, students will have to ask themselves "am I good enough for a PhD.?"

Passion and ability create a vicious circle. We tend to be passionate about what we are good at, and we often excel at what we are passionate about. Jumping into this hoop is a personal journey. Maybe no one can answer for us.

Through the above article, did you understand what a PhD is? Why are you studying for a PhD and should you really do a PhD? Hope the article will be helpful for everyone's path to finding knowledge.


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