Trump trial: Emotional Hope Hicks faces her former boss on 'Access Hollywood' tape, Stormy Daniels payment

June 20, 2024

Judge won't let Trump be cross-examined over gag order"We are going to call it a week at this time," Judge Merchan told the jury, dismissing them for the weekend. Defense attorney Todd Blanche objected to Trump being cross-examined on his gag order violations. Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo argued that the gag order violations are relevant to Trump's credibility because if he violated the gag order, he similarly might "violate his obligation to tell the truth." Issuing his ruling, Merchan denied the prosecution's request to cross-examine Trump on the gag order violations, finding that a determination from the court would be too prejudicial for the jury to overlook. "I agree with Mr. Blanche," Merchan said, ending the week's proceedings.