Trump Ordered To Shut Up Or Face 30 Days Behind Bars

October 04, 2023

Donald Trump has been told to watch what he says and posts, or risk ending up behind bars for up to a month. Calling what Trump did “a disparaging, untrue and personally identifying post about a member of my staff,” Engoron only cited “one of the defendants” as the one behind the post. To underline the seriousness of his intentions, Engoron’s threatened sanctions could include fines, more restrictions and even 30 days behind bars for Trump if he violates the order. In the civil fraud case, Trump, two of his offspring and their companies have been accused of vastly overvaluing assets and the self-proclaimed billionaire’s true worth as the onetime real estate developer went after financing from banks and other institutions. Having filed the case in September 2022, the New York Attorney General wants the Trumps to fork over up to $250 million.