Trump, allies are laying the groundwork to contest potential election loss

July 01, 2024

President Joe Biden, Trump's Democratic rival in the Nov. 5 election, called the prospect of Trump not honoring the election results "dangerous." "This is absolutely the same play book that he ran before the 2020 election," said Olivia Troye, a former aide to Vice President Mike Pence who became a vocal critic of Trump. A spokesperson for Trump rejected such concerns without directly addressing Reuters' questions about the prospect of Trump contesting election results or the specter of political violence. STIRRING ELECTION FEARSSome of Trump's most prominent allies are helping plant seeds of doubt about the election in the minds of his supporters. Earlier this month, two of Trump's potential running mates – Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum – declined in TV interviews to commit to accepting the results in November.