Tackling the ethical dilemma of responsibility in Large Language Models

May 07, 2023

‘LLMs such as ChatGPT bring about an urgent need for an update in our concept of responsibility,’ say Sebastian Porsdam Mann and Brian D. Earp, the study’s joint first authors. Education and publishing are particularly in need of rapid action on guidelines for LLM use and responsibility. Institutions, the authors write, should consider adapting assessment styles, rethinking pedagogy, and updating academic misconduct guidance to handle LLM usage effectively. Rights in generated text, such as intellectual property rights and human rights, make up another area in which the implications of LLM use need to be worked out quickly, notes co-author Monika Plozza. ‘IP rights and human rights pose challenges since they rely on notions of labour and creativity established with humans in mind.

The source of this news is from University of Oxford