Speaker McCarthy reveals red line for possible Biden impeachment inquiry

September 10, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy revealed Republicans' red line for possible impeachment proceedings against President Biden, telling Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that his party will, for now, continue seeking information related to the Biden family finances unless that information began being withheld. "What I've said is, if they withhold information, the impeachment inquiry allows Congress to have the apex of power to get all the information they need. We've had whistleblowers from the IRS come say the Biden family is treated differently and that other things were going on. MCCARTHY: BIDEN CASE WILL ‘RISE TO IMPEACHMENT’ AS 16 ROMANIAN PAYMENTS ALLEGEDLY WENT TO ‘SHELL COMPANIES’"That's not happening today. "When President Biden was running for office, he told the American public that he's never talked about [Hunter's] business.