Salman Rushdie stabbing: Iran state media hails attacker as 'courageous' in wake of attack

August 25, 2022

Salman Rushdie's attacker has been shockingly praised by Iran's state media. Rushdie, 75, was stabbed multiple times, including in the neck and abdomen during a speech in New York. The suspect in the attack who was taken into custody has been identified as Hadi Matar, 24, from Fairview, New Jersey, according to New York State Police. (AP Photo/Joshua Goodman)AUTHOR SALMAN RUSHDIE LIKELY TO LOSE EYE, ON VENTILATOR AND UNABLE TO SPEAK AFTER STABBING ATTACKHowever, the brutal incident has been met with near-overwhelming praise in Iran. In an editorial in Saturday's edition, Shariatmadari wrote, according to the Daily Mail: 'Bravo to this courageous and duty-conscious man who attacked the apostate and depraved Salman Rushdie in New York.