Record Share of U.S. Electorate Is Pro-Choice and Voting on It

June 14, 2024

###Embeddable###An examination of voters’ responses to this question based on their stance on abortion shows that pro-choice candidates stand to benefit more than pro-life candidates from single-issue abortion voters. This is the third consecutive year that abortion-centric pro-choice voters have outnumbered abortion-centric pro-life voters in the U.S., marking a reversal of the pro-life advantage between 1996 and 2020. Majority of Americans Identifying as Pro-Choice Has Become the New NormalAt the same time that pro-choice voters are showing record intensity on the abortion issue, the pro-choice segment of the American public remains historically large. Since the decision, pro-choice candidates have jumped way ahead on this metric. However, Democrats stand to benefit in November if it compels more pro-choice than pro-life voters to go to the polls.