Putin may already be DEAD as ‘real’ despot has not been seen in public for over a year, Ukrainian spy chief claims

September 04, 2023

A UKRAINIAN spy chief has claimed the “real” Vladimir Putin has not been seen in public for over a year, adding fire to rumours that the leader uses one or more doppelgangers in his place. There might be so many different reasons.”The spy chief cited a recent video where the Russian dictator was seen looking at his watch on the wrong wrist. Putin glanced at his left wrist and looked baffled after realising his timepiece was not there. Later in the meeting, the Kremlin leader was seen taking off his watch – believed to be a £12,500 Russian-made Raketa – and fidgeting with it in his hands. Bombshell spy documents leaked to The Sun appeared to confirm he has pancreatic cancer and early-stage Parkinson’s disease.

The source of this news is from https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/23769416