Millennials and Gen-Z women are sharing their conversion to Islam in wake of Israel-Hamas war, with 'leftist queer gremlin' from Boston among those TikToking her journey

November 21, 2023

Millennial and Gen-Z women say they've been inspired to convert to Islam by the Israel-Hamas war - and are sharing their religious awakenings on TikTok. Many of the videos from predominantly Western women feature a variation on the hashtag 'revert'. Reversion is the Islamic belief that everyone is born into the Muslim faith and so any conversion is simply a return to the religion. 'At this point, what's more rebellious, what's more anti-Western and anti-capitalism and anti-establishment, than a conversion to Islam?' In the year after 9/11, 8,000 US women converted to Islam, according to projections from the Hartford Institute for Religious Research.

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