Knifeman who tried to murder Salman Rushdie kept religious fanaticism secret from 'very nice' family

August 25, 2022

The 'Iranian sympathizer' accused of trying to murder Sir Salman Rushdie kept his warped fanaticism a secret from his closest friends and family, can reveal. A close friend told he trained with Hadi and spent time with his family - but didn't detect the slightest hint of religious extremism. Mom, Silvana Fardos, 46, looked anxious and close to tears as she arrived at her four-bed family home and rushed indoors without saying a word. Asked if his Lebanese-American family had any regrets or sadness over Matar's alleged attack on Rushdie, he told 'I don't know him. A young male refused to answer questions as he left the house carrying two suitcases and drove off in a battered GMC truckThe man said told 'I don't know him.