Chilling note found by Chesapeake Walmart ‘mass shooter’ Andre Bing’s body ‘listed co-workers gunman wanted to target’

November 24, 2022

A CHILLING list of targets was found by the body of the Chesapeake Walmart mass shooter after he killed six and left four injured before killing himself, a local reporter has revealed. Manager Andre Bing has been identified as the Virginia store employee who opened fire in the break room at the beginning of the night shift on Tuesday. Walmart told The U.S. Sun: "We are focused on doing everything we can to support our associates and their families at this time. First responders located the first victim outside the front entrance of the store, three others, including Bing, were found dead inside the break room. A family member identified one of the victims as 22-year-old Tyneka Johnson, an employee at the Walmart location where the shooting took place.