Burning Man descends into chaos as revelers finally snap and fight during mass exodus from washout festival as officials name 32-year-old who died and admit rain and mud delayed their rescue response

September 06, 2023

Burning Man has descended into chaos as fed-up revelers snapped and fought during the mass exodus from the washout festival. 'This behavior definitely does not fall within the 10 principles of Burning Man, but that is not the fault of BMP either, but is a societal issue.' 'Pershing County dispatch received a call regarding a male subject who was on the ground and unresponsive at the Burning Man Festival and medical personnel were administering CPR to the male,' Allen said. But Bishop, who traveled from Boston for her second Burning Man, said spirits were still high at the festival when they had left. Rebecca Barger, a photographer from Philadelphia, arrived at her first Burning Man on August 26 and was determined to stick it out through the end.