All-out war fears as China launches missiles directly over Taiwan - smoke trails fill sky

September 20, 2022

© PLA china taiwanXi Jinping flexed his military muscle as he launched unprecedented military drills in Taiwan a day after a visit by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi amid fears of all-out war. Tourists can be seen looking on as smoke trails from missiles launched by the Chinese military are seen in the sky from Pingtan Island. It said the exercises, the largest ever by China in the Taiwan Strait, would include live firing on the waters and in the airspace surrounding Taiwan. The last time China fired missiles into waters around Taiwan was in 1996.Link© PLA china taiwanTaiwan's defence ministry said several Dongfeng missiles had been fired in waters to the northeast and southwest of the island. Chinese navy ships and military aircraft briefly crossed the Taiwan Strait median line several times on Thursday morning.