Three doctoral studentships in Gender Studies at the graduate school for Gender, Humanities and Digital Cultures

Södertörn University Stockholm
March 13, 2023
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Södertörn University is a higher education institution in Stockholm that conducts education, research and collaboration with the surrounding community for sustainable societal development. Education and research are conducted in the humanities, social sciences, technology and natural sciences. The university also provides police and teacher education programmes with intercultural profiles. A significant amount of our research is multidisciplinary and specialises in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe. At Södertörn University we combine subjects, perspectives, people and experiences, searching for surprising syntheses, challenges and development.

Södertörn University welcomes doctoral proposals in Gender Studies, to be conducted at the graduate school for “Gender, Humanities and Digital Cultures”. This graduate school explores the significance of gender in digital cultures and academic contexts, building upon three developments: the status of the humanities as this relates to Gender Studies, both as a discipline and an interdisciplinary research field; the development of digitality as integral to culture and cultural experiences; and the development of the interdisciplinary digital humanities in academia. The aim of the graduate school is to contribute to knowledge about the role of gender in the continuing co-constitution of digital technologies and cultures, and to explore how gender impacts digital transformations in the humanities. The graduate school is a collaboration between Gender Studies at Uppsala University (coordinator), Södertörn University and Stockholm University. For more information, please click here.

Gender Studies at Södertörn University is an expansive, internationally well-connected field of research and education which seeks to advance new forms of interdisciplinary knowledge. Our research focus is on developing feminist theory and methods, as well as on critical perspectives of power in relation to contemporary and historical formations of gender. Gender Studies offers interdisciplinary perspectives on the formation and transformation of gender and its intersections with other power structures, such as race, sexuality, class, and nationality, as well as science, technology, and nature. We are interested in how such intersections become meaningful and materialise in various historical, geographical, political, social, and cultural contexts. For more information, please click here. For a Swedish version click here.

Doctoral education at the Department of Gender Studies is part of the research area of Critical and Cultural Theory , an interdisciplinary research environment which consists of seven subjects in the humanities. Research focuses on critically motivated studies of cultural artefacts and human practices. For more information, please click here. For a Swedish version click here.

Description of the doctoral position The successful applicants will focus their PhD thesis work on areas including, but not limited to: digital media cultures, gender and diversity (activism; social movements; feminist/antiracist/queer/trans social media publics); digital media genres, gender and diversity (archival/museum studies; memory studies; born digital aesthetic productions, for example audio fiction); digitality, gender and diversity in cultural/aesthetic experiences and production; digital intimacy, gender and diversity; digital health, gender and diversity; digital labour, gender and diversity (platform-mediated gig work; work in digital media industries).

For more information about the graduate school “Gender, Humanities and Digital Cultures”, please contact the Director of Studies (see below).

Entry requirements The general entry requirements are: 1. a second-cycle qualification, 2. fulfilled requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 credits were awarded in the second-cycle, or 3. substantially equivalent knowledge acquired in some other way in Sweden or abroad.

The Faculty Board may permit an exemption from the general entry requirements for an individual applicant, if there are special grounds. (Ordinance 2010:1064)

Specific entry requirements The specific entry requirements are met by someone who has knowledge equivalent to at least 90 credits in Gender Studies or a closely related subject in the humanities or social sciences, including a degree project worth at least 15 credits at second-cycle level. The ability to assimilate academic material in English and a command of the language necessary for work on the thesis are prerequisites for admission to the degree programme.

Admission and employment This position includes admission to third-cycle education, i.e. research level, and employment on a doctoral studentship at the School of Culture and Education at Södertörn University. The intended outcome for admitted students is a PhD. The programme covers 240 credits, which is the equivalent of four years of full-time study. The position may be extended by a maximum of one year due to the inclusion of departmental duties, i.e. education, research and/or administration (equivalent to no more than 20% of full-time). Other grounds for extension could be leave of absence because of illness or for service in the defence forces, an elected position in a trade union/student organisation, or parental leave. Provisions relating to employment on a doctoral studentship are in the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 5, Sections 1-7.

Date of employment: 1 September 2023

General Syllabus for third-cycle programmes in Gender Studies : English version or Swedish version

Information about admission regulations including selection criteria, and third-cycle education at Södertörn University: English version or Swedish version

Application procedure For more details, see this website under FAQ. Please use Södertörn University´s web-based recruitment system “ReachMee”. Click on the link "ansök" (apply) at the bottom of the announcement.

Your application may be written in English or Swedish/Norwegian/Danish and must include:

  • an application letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • degree certificate and certificates that demonstrate eligibility to apply for the position (if not written in English or Swedish/Norwegian/Danish, you must enclose translated versions)
  • Bachelor's essay and Master's dissertation in the field in accordance with the entry requirements (if not written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English, you must enclose a certified summary of 5-6 pages, approx. 14 000 characters, to the copy of the essay)
  • a research plan (project plan) of between 1000 and 1500 words. The project's relevance to Gender Studies , the graduate school “Gender, Humanities and Digital Cultures” , and Critical and Cultural Theory must be clear
  • name and contact details for two reference persons, and a short note on their relation to the applicant (for example supervisor or director of studies).
  • If available, a maximum of three publications may also be attached.

    Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    Application deadline: 13 March 2023 at 23:59

    Further information Linn Sandberg, Director of Studies (third cycle), [email protected] Katarina Mattsson, Head of Department, [email protected] Elina Nylander, Human Resources Officer, School of Culture and Education, [email protected]

    Welcome with your application!

    On our website,, there is an application template that the applicant needs to follow. Publications referred to must be attached to the application.

    An application that is not complete or arrives at Södertörn University after the closing date may be rejected.

    The current employment is valid on condition that the employment decision becomes valid.

    Södertörn University may apply CV review.

    Union representatives: SACO: [email protected] ST: [email protected] SEKO: Henry Wölling tel: +46 8 524 840 80, [email protected]

    Södertörn University has made strategic advertisement choices for this recruitment. Therefore, we decline all contact with advertisers and other salespersons of advertisement.

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