Post-Doc (H/F) On Modelling Of Land Surface Anthropogenization In An Earth System Model.

Universities and Institutes of France
September 21, 2022
Offerd Salary:Negotiation
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Contract Type:Temporary
Working Time:Full time
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  • Organisation/Company: CNRS
  • Research Field: Environmental science › Earth science Environmental science › Global change
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1)
  • Application Deadline: 21/09/2022 23:59 - Europe/Brussels
  • Location: France › PALAISEAU
  • Type Of Contract: Temporary
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours Per Week: 35
  • Offer Starting Date: 01/12/2022
  • The recruited candidate will be based at Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau and will work with colleagues at LMD-IPSL and LATMOS-IPSL. He/She will have the following responsibilities, in collaboration with the scientists involved in the HILIAISE project: • Perform a simulation with the RegIPSL model over the Iberian Peninsula with modification of soil moisture patches to mimic irrigated areas. • Compare the results obtained with this simulation with the one already performed with the same configuration of RegIPSL but without the soil moisture modification. The analysis will focus on atmospheric circulations, summer precipitation, evaporation and boundary layer structure. The precipitation minus evaporation budget will be compared over different watersheds. • Present the results in a publication and in HILIAISE's workshops and if possible in an international conference. • If time allows, perform a simulation with irrigation activated and estimate the impact on water discharge.

    The laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique is looking for a candidate to improve our understanding of the impact of anthropization of the water cycle on land-atmosphere-hydrology interactions. In particular address the limitations of state-of-the-art land surface and hydrological models to represent all aspects of the terrestrial water cycle in the semi-arid environment of the Iberian peninsula. For this specific position within the ANR HLIAISE project, the objectives are to use the coupled regional climate model RegIPSL with different configurations to explore how the size and intensity of the irrigated areas affect the local meteorological conditions (triggering of thermal circulations, convection initiation, impact on sea breeze propagation etc…) under the various climatic and geographic regions of the Iberian Peninsula where irrigation is used. The possible larger-scale impact will also be assessed. In a second part, if model development and time allow, the impact of irrigation on river discharges will be estimated.

    The RegIPSL model couples WRF as atmospheric component and ORCHIDEE, a complex land surface - hydrological model. It can be run at km-scale resolutions allowing to represent realistic surface heterogeneities and improve the simulation of convective and rain generating processes in summer (Ban et al., 2021; Kumar-Shahi et al., 2022). The impact of the modification of surface humidity over irrigated areas on the boundary layer dynamics and thermodynamics at local and regional scales will be assessed using this coupled model at convective-permitting resolution over several years. If time allows, a simulation with the implementation of a new irrigation module (currently under development in the team) will be performed to also estimate the impact of irrigation on water discharges.

    Eligibility criteria

    • Hold a PhD in a field related to atmospheric and environmental sciences with specific knowledge/interest in the following areas: ◦ Land surface-atmosphere feedbacks ◦ Numerical Weather Prediction and/or Climate Models (global or regional) • Good practice of oral and written English (French appreciated but not required) • Linux computing environment, shell, FORTRAN, python or R, NetCDF format

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    Required Research Experiences
  • Environmental science

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  • Environmental science › Earth science

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  • Environmental science › Global change

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    Offer Requirements
  • Environmental science: PhD or equivalent

  • FRENCH: Basic

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: CNRS
  • Department: Laboratoire de météorologie dynamique
  • Organisation Type: Public Research Institution
  • Website: https:// www.
  • Country: France
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