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22 May 2023

Job Information


Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences

Research Field

Chemistry » Organic chemistry

Researcher Profile

First Stage Researcher (R1)



Application Deadline

4 Jun 2023 - 14:00 (Europe/Warsaw)

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Hours Per Week


Offer Starting Date

1 Oct 2023

Is the job funded through the EU Research Framework Programme?

Not funded by an EU programme

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Offer Description

Project title: Stereoselective dearomatization of nonactivated arenes via an „alkene walk” pathway: Rapid access to high-added value poly- and spirocyclic systems from readily available aromatic compounds.

Description of tasks:

The aim of this research proposal is to establish a new methodology for the stereoselective dearomatization of nonactivated arenes via the virtually unexplored retro-ene reaction of in situ generated benzylic diazenes (a so called “alkene walk” process), and subsequent transformation of the so formed active polyene species into chiral poly- and spirocyclic molecules. As a result, a new and versatile tool for the synthesis of high-value organic molecules from cheap and readily available benzylic alcohols, halides, aldehydes (in combination with organometallics) and monosilyl diazenes will be added to the organic chemist's toolbox. Moreover, the possibility of synthesis of advanced polyaromatic systems via an additional re-aromatization process will be tested.

Stereoselective dearomatizations, especially in non-activated arenes, allowing conversion of readily available planar aromatic compounds into three- dimensionally complex molecules with precise control of reaction site, regio- and stereoselectivity has long been an exciting challenge in organic synthesis. Due to their high resonance stabilization energy, dearomatizations of nonactivated arenes usually require the use of stoichiometric amounts of expensive and toxic transition metal activators or elevated temperatures and harsh reaction conditions. This makes achieving high stereoselectivity in these processes very difficult. In our approach aromatic substrates are initially transformed into highly active polyenes which can then further derivatized using the broad spectrum of well-established stereoselective reactions of alkenes and dienes conducted under mild reaction conditions, resulting in highly stereoselective dearomatizations. Further advantages of the method include high availability of substrates (in the case of chiral derivatives in both enantiomeric forms in high optical purity) and high chemo- and stereodiversity of the obtained products.

The candidate will be responsible for synthesizing of the starting materials and polyene intermediates, followed by an studies on their selective of transformations into variety of poly- and spirocyclic systems using selected literature protocols. The candidate will also be responsible for recording and interpreting spectral data, designing experiments, and preparing reports and materials for publications. Complementary theoretical studies on reaction mechanisms may be performed by the candidate or as part of a collaboration, depending on the scholar's interests.

The PhD candidate will also participate in the Institute scientific life by attending to group and institute seminars and lectures. The PhD candidate will also attend to advanced course devoted to modern organic chemistry and spectroscopy.


Research Field

Chemistry » Organic chemistry

Education Level

Master Degree or equivalent


Required competencies

  • MSc degree in chemical science (or related areas) or the expected date of obtaining the master degree before starting work;
  • Very good knowledge in organic chemistry,
  • knowledge of English language at the communicative level, be able to write reports and manuscripts for publication in scientific journals;
  • high motivation and a strong commitment to research, creativity;
  • Desirable competences

  • experience in synthetic organic chemistry especially in the field of arenes and alkenes chemistry
  • ability of safe handling of air/water sensitive reactions and reagents, the knowledge on advanced synthetic techniques
  • ability of work with unstable compounds;
  • experience in computational chemistry methods
  • Specific Requirements

    IMPORTANT!!! A prerequisite for qualifying for the project is the PhD student status at the Warsaw PhD School in Natural and BioMedical Sciences (the interviews will be held from 26 June 2023 to 5 July 2023; the deadline for submitting documents to the doctoral school is June 4th, 2023), details are available on the Warsaw4PhD School website as well as the Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS website.

    ATTENTION! In the title of the e-mail, please enter "Recruitment – Bartosz Zambroń"





    Research Field


    Years of Research Experience

    1 - 4
    Additional Information



  • Terms of employment: scholarship for 48 months – stipend (including employer's costs) 5,000 PLN per month (~4,200 PLN gross) paid from NSC grant
  • Benefits: private medical care package, co-financing of sports cards, and the possibility of accommodation at the Doctoral Hotel.

    Work in young and dynamic research group;

  • access to modern research infrastructure of IOC PAS, including NMR, MS;
  • access to modern laboratory equipment, including a glovebox chamber, a microwave synthesizer, mills for mechanochemistry, high-pressure apparatus, flash chromatographs, HPLC chromatographes, GC & GCMS chromatographes, polarimeter.
  • professional development in the field stereoselective organic synthesis
  • opportunity to participate in national and international scientific conferences and workshops;
  • opportunity for further professional development in IOC PAS.
  • Eligibility criteria

    List of required documents:

    Candidate's Curriculum Vitae

    • description of scientific achievements including a list of publications, patents, monographs etc., a list of realized/ongoing research projects; a list of received research grants;

    • diplomas and certificates confirming the course studies at the BSc and MSc level, with particular focus on the courses related to organic chemistry, completed courses, completed training, etc.;

    • cover letter;

    • letter of recommendation and references from previous supervisor;

    • consent to the processing of the Candidate's personal data for the purposes of the competition;

    Along with the required documents, please submit a signed consent to the processing of personal data available at: https: // www.

    Selection process

    Candidate evaluation criteria:

  • scientific achievements measured by the quality and quantity of scientific publications, monographs, patents, etc., participation in research projects, receiving the research grants;
  • Candidate's professional experience in the field of organic chemistry evaluated based on submitted forms and an interview
  • career mobility (research internships, work in industry, change of scientific profile)
  • awards or distinctions
  • opinion about the Candidate contained in the letter of recommendation
  • English language knowledge enabling conducting scientific research
  • Competition settlement date:2023-07-16

    Additional comments

    Additional information:

    Project manager: dr hab. Bartosz Zambroń

    Phone: +48 22 343 2141

    e-mail: [email protected]


    Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences

    Kasprzaka 44/52 Street

    01-224 Warsaw

    Phone: +48 22 631 8788

    e-mail: [email protected]

    ATTENTION! In the title of the e-mail, please enter "Recruitment – Bartosz Zambron"

    Website for additional job details

    https: // www.

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    Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS







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    Kasprzaka 44/52
    Where to apply


    [email protected]





    https: // www.


    Kasprzaka 44/52

    Postal Code



    +22 343 2141


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