Exploration Of The Use Of Biomaterials For Heat Storage And Thermal Comfort Applications In...

Universities and Institutes of Slovakia
September 27, 2022
Offerd Salary:Negotiation
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Contract Type:Other
Working Time:Full time
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  • Organisation/Company: The Slovak University of Technology
  • Research Field: Engineering Other Physics
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1)
  • Application Deadline: 27/09/2022 23:00 - Europe/Brussels
  • Location: Slovakia › Bratislava
  • Type Of Contract: To be defined
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Hours Per Week: 37,5
  • Eu Research Framework Programme: H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
  • Reference Number: 14857/2022
  • Marie Curie Grant Agreement Number: 101072598
  • This PhD focuses on the exploration of bio-materials for heat storage and thermal comfort applications in buildings, while fitting in the framework of the ACTAREBUILD EU - DN - project.

    Innovative solutions are needed for storing thermal energy in periods of abundance, and releasing it when and where needed. Phase change materials (PCMs) are promising candidate materials to address this need. However, many challenges remain concerning their practical implementation, cost and sustainability. One possibility is to implement PCMs as thermal buffer materials in walls to dampen temperature and heat flux fluctuations outdoors, thus keeping the indoor temperature within a comfortable range and saving energy consuming measures (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). PCMs may be incorporated in bricks, mortar, concrete, and other building components in the form of capsules (warm PCMs are liquid) integrated in a matrix, or the PCM filled matrix should be made leak proof. Sustainable PCM-matrix composites must satisfy both thermal requirements and all requirements related to functionalities as building components (e.g. long term mechanical stability).

    This research will consist in developing and screening material combinations with optimized effective heat (buffering) capacity, stability across multiple thermal cycles, non-toxicity, encapsulation and structural integrity of PCM-matrix composites, suitable for integration in building applications. Special attention will be given to PCMs originating from bio-waste and nature renewable sources. In addition, supercooling PCMs will be investigated for possibilities for controlled release of stored latent heat. All solutions will be screened by a life cycle assessment.

    This interdisciplinary research is hosted by the Department of Materials Engineering and Physics at STU Bratislava (headed by Prof. Igor Medved) in close collaboration with and exchange visits to the Laboratory of Acoustics in the Soft Matter and Biophysics Unit of the Department of Physics and Astronomy (Prof. Christ Glorieux) at KU Leuven. For producing materials, facilities and guidance will be available at the two universities, and samples and know- how will also be exchanged with industrial partners of the ACTAREBUILD project consortium.

  • A remuneration package in line with Marie Sklodowska Curie Doctoral Network regulations, which is competitive with industry standards in Belgium, a country with a high quality of life and excellent health care system.
  • The researcher allowances granted by Europe will cover all (employer's and employee's) taxes and contributions; the exact (net) salary will be confirmed upon appointment.
  • An opportunity to pursue a PhD in Science, in a stimulating and ambitious research environment, with 3 years funding within the ACTAREBUILD ITN project.
  • An opportunity to work within a challenging European research project with leading industry players across Europe.
  • A stay in a vibrant environment in the heart of Europe. The university is located in Bratislava, a city of approximately 450,000 inhabitants. Being the capital of Slovakia, it has many museums, theatres, galleries and other cultural institutions, sport facilities and stadiums, several universities, and business and financial institutions headquarters. It is located close to Vienna (80 km) and Budapest (200 km). The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava strives to be an internationally recognized and important, research-oriented technical university that continues a legacy of the Mining Academy in Banská Štiavnica founded in 1735.
  • This PhD will be performed in STU Bratislava (Slovakia), in collaboration with KU Leuven (Belgium) and the candidate will be awarded by a joint PhD degree.
  • Eligibility criteria

    If you recognize yourself in the story below, then you have the profile that fits the project and the research group.

  • I have a master degree in civil engineering or materials science engineering or physics.
  • I am proficient in written and spoken English.
  • I do not yet have a PhD.
  • During my courses or prior professional activities, I have gathered experience with thermal science, material science, performing experiments, numerical simulations and mathematical modelling and I have a profound interest in these topics.
  • As PhD researcher I perform research in a structured and scientifically sound manner. I read technical papers, understand the nuances between different theories and implement and improve methodologies myself.
  • I work goal-oriented and have a getting-things-done attitude, always with scientific rigor.
  • In frequent reporting, varying between weekly to monthly, I show the results that I have obtained and I give a well-founded interpretation of those results. I iterate on my work and my approach based on the feedback of my supervisors which steer the direction of my research.
  • I feel comfortable working as a team member and I am eager to share my results to inspire my colleagues and be inspired by them.
  • I value being part of a project that aims at finding sustainable solutions in the domain of building applications and I am eager to learn how academic research can be linked to industrial innovation roadmaps.
  • During my PhD I want to grow towards following up the project that I am involved in and representing the research group on project meetings or conferences. I see these events as an occasion to disseminate my work to an audience of international experts and research colleagues, and to learn about the larger context of my research and the research project.
  • During the past 3 years I have not resided, studied or worked in Slovakia for more than 12 months.
  • Selection process

    For more information, please contact us igor.medved@stuba.sk by e-mail and mention ACTAREBUILD and REF nr. DC4 PCM in the subject title.

    Applications in English should be submitted online and include:

  • Curriculum Vitae (including your contact address, work experience, publications, as well as all other academic achievements)
  • Cover letter explaining your motivation
  • Transcript of all courses and grades for your Bachelor and Master program
  • A short description of your master's work (max 1 page)
  • Your consent with processing your personal information by STU (under GDPR).
  • You can apply for this job no later than 27/09/2022 and email all the required documents to igor.medved@stuba.sk.

    Additional comments Website for additional job details

    https: // actarebuild.eu/?pageid=166

    Offer Requirements
  • Other: Master Degree or equivalent

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: The Slovak University of Technology
  • Department: The Faculty of Civil Engineering - The department of materials engineering and physics
  • Organisation Type: Higher Education Institute
  • Website: https: // www. svf.stuba.sk/en/kmif.html?pageid=3336
  • Country: Slovakia
  • City: Bratislava
  • Postal Code: 81005
  • Street: Radlinského 11
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