Developing advanced cell therapies for skin regeneration PhD Scholarship

University of Western Australia
November 14, 2022
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Developing advanced cell therapies for skin regeneration PhD Scholarship


The skin is our largest organ, vital for survival. In addition to its key role providing a barrier between the organism and environment, it also has roles in thermoregulation, sensory function, immune surveillance and responding to infection. The skin is an incredibly complex structure and is interwoven with adnexal structures including hair follicles, sweat glands, sensory nerves and immune cells which work together to sustain successful function of the skin. After injury, skin can repair but not regenerate. This results in scar formation, which is not only aesthetically inferior but is functionally deficient compared to normal skin. Biofabrication of complex structures, in particular to regenerate skin, is an area of increasing interest. Both the technology for the delivery of complex structures, and our biological understanding or cell phenotype and environment, have significantly progressed in recent years. In particular the advances in 3D bioprinting techniques, and our ability to create appropriate cell environments in vitro have led to the ability to develop complex structures in vitro and the technology to apply these structures in vivo. The focus of this PhD proposal is to develop an improved understanding of relevant skin cell phenotypes, their plasticity in 3D matrices and to use these findings to develop next-generation 3D bioprinting solutions that can restore both the appearance and function of skin after injury.

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