Axial-To-Central Chirality Transfer In Stereospecific Synthesis Of N-Containing Heterocycles Via 1,...

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November 19, 2022
Offerd Salary:Negotiation
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Contract Type:Temporary
Working Time:Full time
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  • Organisation/Company: Université du Havre
  • Research Field: Biological sciences › Biology Chemistry
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1) Recognised Researcher (R2) Established Researcher (R3) Leading Researcher (R4)
  • Application Deadline: 19/11/2022 00:00 - Europe/Athens
  • Location: France › Le Havre et Chicago
  • Type Of Contract: Temporary
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • The overarching goal of this joint/collaborative work is to explore the feasibility of stereospecific chirality transfer during 1,3 Dipolar Cycloaddition (1,3-DC) using optically active 2-pyridone atropisomers/rotamers and azomethine ylides. The proposed research has the potential to establish new paradigms in the synthesis of optically active nitrogen-containing heterocycle scaffolds. At the onset of this project, we will be able to demonstrate that stereospecific 1,3-DC reaction can be achieved using optically active 2-pyridone atropisomers/rotamers provided that thermal racemization (between the 2-pyridone optical antipodes) is minimized.

    This PhD work will explore the use of atropisomeric 2-pyridones in axial-to- central chirality transfer during stereospecific 1,3-DC reaction to afford N-containing heterocycles.

    Funding category: Contrat doctoral

    RIN 50% (Univ. le Havre and University of Illinois of Chicago)

    PHD title: Doctorat de chimie organique

    PHD Country: France

    Offer Requirements Specific Requirements

    The candidate will be involved in the synthesis of pyridone-based heterocycles and analogs through 1,3-DC. Fundamental knowledge in organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry is required in order to develop atroposelective generation of pyridones and stereocontrolled dipolar cycloaddition of azomethine ylide. A highly motivated candidate is expected with good skills in chemistry/biology/spectroscopy/photochemistry interface work. The ideal candidate is required to have acceptable oral and writing proficiencies in English.

    Contact Information
  • Organisation/Company: Université du Havre
  • Organisation Type: Large Company
  • Website: https: // www.
  • Country: France
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